May 25, 2007

Window Blinds

I remember when we first moved into our new home back in March last year, we did not have any blinds installed. We used cheap black garbage bags (87 cents per pack of 4) from Coles Supermarket and stuck them on all windows and glass sliding doors. It was only several months later that we looked around for several types of blinds but fell in love with wooden blinds!.

Why wooden blinds? Because we have always admired other houses that have them installed. That wooden look gives a kind of natural feel and softens the home’s decor. It also goes well with our wooden look tallboy, bedside tables and dining table.

If anyone is looking to redecorate or just moved in to a new home, have a browse at the vast range of blinds offered by Terry’s Fabrics where you could get terrific choice and terrific value.


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