May 24, 2007

Fence & Neighbours

Met our back neighbour yesterday evening while me and Bee were watching Daddy do the weeding for the umpteenth time again (wanted to take a pic of Daddy looking glam in drabs and gumboots working the soil, haha but totally forgot about it). The fence will be going up pretty soon - once the back house finish building their retaining walls. One year and 3 months - that's exactly how long we waited for the back fence.

It'll be nice having the fence finally but it also makes it difficult to borrow things like wheelbarrow and other heavy gardening tools from one of our back neighbours, haha! Our other back neighbour is very nice, he gave us permission to just walk into his backyard (no fence yet so can walk in and out between our backyards) to take whatever tools we need. We've been using his tools for a long time now, hahaha!

All our immediate neighbours are nice people. The dentist who runs a dental surgery in her home adjacent to our house offered to give Bee an oral check up some time later. How kind is that? Her husband simply ADORES Bee, I have no words to describe it.

We know most of our neighbours, hehehe. Just last Saturday, we went to a new neighbour's house warming party ... another HUGE double storey house. Come to think of it, the neighbours who are friendly to us and invited us over are those who own double storey houses.

I guess the good thing about living in a whole new estate where every house is completed new and built by different builders, you have something in common to talk about and most would invite you into their homes just to have a look around.


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