May 29, 2007

Stella McCartney Label

Stella McCartney Label
May 28, 2007

I wrote about the Target buying frenzy when Stella McCartney launched her new designer wear collection Australia wide. People were lining up outside Target stores before opening hours just to grab their share of the designer's clothings. People bought the clothes in bags and piles. I just could not understand the frenzy.

I did try to look at the range at Target but it was not displayed prominently - I couldn't find it, or perhaps all have been sold out at the time. I did not bother checking them out when I shopped at Target many times after that.

Now several months down the road and guess what? Target Australia is having a clearance sale on Stella McCartney's label as they simply would not sell - actually I would not be surprised. It seems that Target Australia is wanting to rid the stock to make way for a new Aussie designer label. Full article from SMH could be read here. I wonder how those fashion trend followers who paid full price several months ago, feel. Will they try to get rid of them on eBay?


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