May 23, 2007

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance
May 23, 2007

Every year, having to pay motor insurance sure burns a hole in our pockets! If you are on the look out for an inexpensive, easy and hassle-free Motor Insurance, perhaps you would like to consider checking out CIS Motor Insurance.

CIS Motor Insurance offers two different types of discounts:

  • No Claim Discount and;
  • Introductory Discount

Furthermore you will get an additional 10% discount when you purchase their Motor Insurance online. Now that is a big saving!

Getting a quote is quick, simply use their online form or give them a call on the phone. Its website is easy to navigate and has all the necessary information you would need.

There is nothing to lose, it is always best to look around for the best deal. Who could not do with an extra bit of saving and less hassle?


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