May 25, 2007

Oz - Buy with Paypal

Oz - Buy with Paypal
May 25, 2007

I started online shopping since the birth of Bee when it was too troublesome to go to the mall with a newborn. I only use Paypal for my purchases and it was tough finding Australian online shops that accepted Paypal at the time - not many at all. However, as months went by, things have changed for the better ... I found quite a number of online stores with products that I am interested in and which accept Paypal.

Here are a few companies that I have purchased from, which accept Paypal ... so that anyone wishing to use their Paypal funds to buy gifts for their loved ones in Australia may consider the following and not waste time Googling:
  • - bought toys and books from them 4 times before and very satisfied with the items, packaging and quick delivery. Flat rate delivery of AU$5.95 Australia wide but sometimes they have promotions such as free delivery or coupons of $15 to $20 (which would be informed via member email only: signing up for an account with them is totally free).

  • - bought from them twice. Sells designer (though not really expensive) household items. Also very satisfied with the items, packaging and delivery. They also have promotions like $30 off when you place a minimum order of certain amount. I really love looking at the fancy and cute kitchen items they have.

  • - Ooops I have not bought from this one before, sorry but I know where the store is. It is located near where we first rented in Kingsford. Sells household goods and it is popular because I often see people walking out of the store with many bags.

  • - Bought from them once. Excellent own packaging with company logo. However it is on the pricey side. I have not seen credit promo for this one.

  • - Bought from them twice. Sells discounted items - usually lesser known brands. Packaging is okay. Very popular online store. Often have promo for free delivery if pay via Paypal.

  • - Bought from them twice I think. Sells discounted items like - usually lesser known brands. Packaging is okay. Often have promo for free delivery if pay via Paypal.

  • - Bought from them once. Sells discounted items like and - usually better known brands. Packaging is okay.

  • - Bought from them once. Sells PC and electronic stuff. Actually Kiwi G was the one who bought 4 memory sticks from them as Christmas presents to friends. One stick was dead on arrival. There was no hassle in mailing it back to them and they were glad to exchange it for a new one very quickly.

Also buys from (new items only as I don't trust the description of second hand items listed by some of the sellers here).

Overall unfortunately all other baby clothing online stores that accept Paypal, are often pricey.

I think that's about all? I'm not quite sure, hehe sometimes I forget where or what I bought. I will update this list if I think of any.

Most importantly, I ALWAYS check the Australian Paypal Merchant Page for online credits - often as much as AU$10 - $15 off when you place a minimum order from them. I usually wait till some offers come around before I make any purchase.

This is NOT a sponsored post, real one lah ... at night sometimes I went to bed late coz surfing through online shops, hehehe but I haven't done that for quite awhile.


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