July 03, 2005


Blogger has finally come up with a simple photo adding feature - it's about time! Saves me a lot of trouble uploading to Photobucket.com then link it back here.

We decided to refrain from installing blinds in our "non existent yet, new home". We love the curtains at the display homes and I plan to sew my own ... big ambition for someone who doesn't even own a sewing machine like me.

Picture to the left is of a double bay window (some of my friends refer it as "French windows"? Not sure how accurate that is) which will be part of the family room of our house.

Yup that's lil ole frumpy looking me in the background. Click on piccy for larger view.

Picture to the right is of the main bathroom curtains.

Aren't they lovely? I plan to sew this myself too. But of course we will choose frosted glass for the bathroom windows and probably add pine vertical blinds behind these curtains.

I am not sure if I would be capable of sewing the frilly curtains like in the photos but I take chances when it comes to DIY, and I love it.

Time to do more window shopping this afternoon.
Have a good weekend everyone!


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