July 07, 2005

Google Adsense

What? Another Adsense money making wannabe?! *LOL* No worries, you won't see ads on this blog. I am trying out Adsense on my website (yes I have a website, hehehe). While I was pasting the scripts to some of the pages and uploading them to my server, Adsense managed to rake in US$0.23 via my website ... that was about an hour's time. Not bad at all for a modest website. I'll leave Adsense there for a month and will report on the progress.

Next, my nephew SMS me two nights ago informing that he is applying to hospitals here in Sydney for his medical elective posting next year. I sure hope with all my heart that he gets it. I would love to have him get some working experience at the hospitals here. He will make a great doctor ... all good hearted people will and he is one of them.

My mom just had a cataract eye surgery. She will be discharged today. Have to ring home later. No worries, it is a common surgery, I am sure she is well, otherwise my bros. would have rang me up if things didn't turn out too good.

Lastly, am going for a bit of late night shopping this evening. One thing I don't like is that the late night shopping here takes place on Thursdays. Why not Fridays? Thursday is pay day I suppose. For my dear friends back home who are wondering what "late night" shopping is; well over here, most malls and shops (except major supermarkets, pubs and some eateries) close by 5pm everyday and earlier on weekends (yes, that boring ahhhhhhhhh) except Thursdays when they are opened until 9pm - that is why we call it "late night".


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