July 08, 2005

London attacks

My heart and thoughts goes out to those who are affected by the tragic bombings in London. I hope all their loved ones are safe and sound. It is such an anti climax to the earlier celebrations of the Brits winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

Each time some horrible attacks like this happens in the world, it makes me very sad and hesitate to start a family. Sept 11, 2001 had a very deep impact on us (not that we have any loved ones directly affected by it) but somehow, it was very devastating to me especially when it was followed by constant news of possible attacks here. It made me and Kiwi G purposely delayed as well as contemplated not to start a family at all. As time passes, the wound began to heal. Just as we are now ready to produce a mini-me ... such horrible thing happened again.

I wish everyone safe and well. Let's all be happy and thankful, life is short.


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