July 05, 2005

Financial gift? Dream on ...

I sometimes wonder what it is like to receive financial assistance from parents or in laws. In my life, there is absolutely no such thing as being given a Sen (that's cent in Malaysian currency) as soon as I completed Form 5 (high school) ... well apart from the Ang Pow money of RM10 each year. Everything else after that was on my own. I have been fortunate enough to be able to honour my parents by giving them monthly allowances the day I got my first salary, working as a Sales Assistant while waiting for my SPM (high school) results; at the long gone Mun Loong departmental store. I have never stopped giving since.

Sometimes when my close friends told me they received hundreds to thousands of dollars in financial gift or assistance from their parents or in laws every once in awhile, I sinfully crave for that too. But alas, I do understand very well that if my parents and in laws could afford to do so, they would have loved to give generously.

So, do I think I am less fortunate in this case? Definitely not. Everyone's life is different. I am very thankful that we're happy and in good health. Anything else above that is a bonus.


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