July 08, 2005

War of the Worlds

Forgot to mention that we watched War of the Worlds on July 6th. I must say, it was below my expectation. Special effects were good just like any other Spielberg movies. But the story is a bit slow and not that great. It's all about running and hiding, not many interesting dialogues either.

Google Adsense update - I managed to make a small amount of USD5.51 within 24 hrs (for 7,800+ page impressions and 98 clicks). I'll report on this again at the end of the month.

Oops just realized that there is an inappropriate advert popping up on one of my website pages ie Witchcraft! I immediately added that URL to be filtered by my Adsense account. Unfortunately there might be a 24 hr lag for my account to be updated. So, I quickly removed the Adsense script from that particular page, just to be safe and see if that witchcraft ad still pops up when I reinstall the script back on tomorrow.


Sadish Bala for this amazing Template to work with


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