June 26, 2005

This 'n That

Decided to change my blog layout.
I have forgotten about some photos I snapped 3 weeks ago. Here they are:

PANDAN CAKE - This is different from the Pondan Cake in my previous post. I made this from a recipe book and is usually one of my edible cakes. However I added too much soda bicarbonate resulting in a bitter cake ... walaaaaa! Lesson learnt is: don't add too much soda bicarb.

CHEAP DONUTS - AU$4 a box from Donut King (when they are about to close for the day), how cheap is that?

*drool drool* Wei!  Don't lick your monitor lah

CHOC from Toyota - Got a tiny little chocolate courtesy of Toyota when we sent our car for service; cute

HAIR BANDS - Bought these for my niece but decided to keep them for myself, too cute to resist. Me, bad Auntie! Cute hair bands are like candies to me

BATMAN - Forgot to mention that we watched Batman Begins when it opened in cinemas here. I never liked the previous Batman movies but this one blew me off. I totally love it! Christian Bale is great!


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