June 03, 2005


  • PONDAN chiffon cake and goreng pisang mix: DISASTER! The caked turned out hard like all my other Chiffon attempts. As for the goreng pisang mix (PONDAN is an Indonesian brand), I don't know, it wasn't quite like the ones we have back in Malaysia ... I must have done something terribly wrong, as usual *LOL*. Guess I better stick to my own goreng pisang batter.

  • HOME - it's all now a waiting game. Wait for plans to be drawn up; then wait for Council approval. We won't see any action until at least two months later. Meanwhile construction has begun on the land to our right *envy*

  • TRADEMARK - it's been approved by IP Australia for advertising in the Trademarks Journal (it took 4 months for my application to be looked at, this is the standard time frame). If there is no opposition within 3 months from the advertised date, the trademark will officially be mine - subject to further payment of course *ouch*! I'll just have to sit back and wait patiently until early September. The Trademark is only valid within Australia ... if I wish to file an international trademark, I'd have to apply under the Madrid Protocol ... it means more waiting, more work and spend more money ... but what to do, with so much intellectual theft going on, the safest way to protect intellectual property rights (even if it's only a name) is to do it the legal way.

Okay enough of the boring stuff ... we'll be going for a BBQ tomorrow, superb!


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