June 15, 2005

First step to my dreams

Our house plans were completed much sooner than we expected. Picked it up last Saturday, the builder is now in the process of getting it submitted to Council ... another month and a bit more waiting.

Feeling very happy today! I feel like I got my career back. It's a whole new start ... I have to work on marketing my little stuff now.

I am very grateful and fortunate to have Kiwi G support me while I tried to chase my dreams for the last few years. The amount of daydreaming I did is finally beginning to pay off.

I have only managed to take a baby step now and I still have a long way to go. No worries, one can only move forward in time *think positive*

I am so sorry to whoever is reading this, that I do not feel comfortable revealing what it is I am embarking on. Just in case if things fell through, I don't have to hide under a rock in embarassment, hehe.

Alrighty, time to work ... but wait, maybe I should reward myself with some yummy food ... now let's see what's in the fridge, hehehe.


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