June 09, 2007

Council Collection

Council Collection
June 9, 2007

Phew! Finally managed to rid our double bed ensemble base, fold up steel single bed frame, a two seater second hand sofa which we have had for 7 years and stainless steel step rubbish bin. However, because it was raining last night and forecasted to rain today also, we thought we'd only put out the CRT Monitor and huge Sony TV box this morning before hubs went to work but by the time hubs opened the garage door at about 6.00am this morning, the Council truck had already picked up the stuff we left last night and left.

But that's okay, we get 12 free Council pick ups for white goods and other large items a year. We've got 11 more left, I don't think we have got that many big items to get rid of for the rest of the year *LOL* We'll just call for another pick up when the weather is forecasted to be sunny for a week at least.

I must say, the Council is efficient in this aspect. We booked the pick up via its website and they rang back a day or two after, to confirm the pick up date the next week. But then again, shouldn't they be efficient since we pay staggering Council fees per quarter? hehehe. That's food for thought!


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