June 14, 2007

Back Fence Up

The back fence is all done! Total cost is AU$600 but shared 50-50 between us and the back neighbour so we pay AU$300 each. The wait to have the lawn done and plant some flowers is really killing me!

Because there is no lawn now, the ground gets soggy after the rain. On dry days, there'd be ants and insects all over the ground. My poor baby wants to get down onto the ground whenever we're at the backyard. Hubby is trying his best to complete the garden edgings but I reckon it would take at least one more month for him to complete the backyard and frontyard seeing that it's rainy weather lately.

So much work to do on a new home, it is a complete MADNESS especially when you have a baby and only one of you could work at a time. Things have been so crazy over here that we've not yet taken a photo of the fence, come to think of it.


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