April 02, 2005

Nothing much

It's the second month of Autumn now. Love the cooler temps. Have been a little busy. Nothing exciting happening = nothing much to blog about. I still find time to read my favourite blogs ... reading the blogs of others is so much more easier and interesting than writing my own.

Did the usual the past two weekends, checked out two suburbs, oggling and salivating over dream homes we'll never be able to afford. May the next rate hike bring upon the much awaited property price CRASH! *wishful thinking*

Two weeks ago, I made my very first sweet potato donuts coated with sugar (how healthy is that??). Turned out okay, I guess one can't really go wrong with anything fried.

Err, that's all for now. Gonna go get our weekly dose of good ole M'sian food at the next suburb. I'll be ordering Har Mee (available only on Saturdays) and Kiwi G never fails to eat the same thing ie Nasi Lemak.

Not sure what's on the agenda for the rest of the day, Kiwi G's plans are always spontaneous.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend :)


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