April 14, 2005

Kuih Moulds

In answer to Dennis' question, I have taken a photo of the curry puff plastic moulds that I used. Without using moulds, my curry puffs look as ugly as my kuih dadar. My mom bought the moulds at Pudu Pasar. The pink/red one is an Ang Koo mould which I have yet to use because I haven't gathered enough courage to try making some.

kuih moulds

This is the small oven I use to do my baking.
my tiny oven

I was surprised to find instant cake mix for Pandan Chiffon Cake last night but what really caught my eye is the brand name "PONDAN" ??? If you know what that word means, hehehe. Anyway, also bought the Goreng Pisang flour mix, can't wait to try them later ... when I feel thinner *LOL*

An updated photo of my work desk. You can see bits of my artwork here and there.
Yes, my own business has something to do with art.
work, work, work


Sadish Bala for this amazing Template to work with


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