March 13, 2005

Cooking & Me don't mix

As usual, I am too lazy to record the happenings that took place throughout the week. So here's a little bit of what I did:

Bought a coconut (AU$0.99 for each half) and surprisingly, pandan leaves (AU$1.00 for 3 leaves) were available too.

The boring and difficult part is to grate the coconut.
Unfortunately I have never seen or found any freshly grated coconut sold
at the places I have been to, since late 2000.
Perhaps I haven't looked hard enough.
Anyway, I bought this grater from KL

I decided to try my hand at making Kuih Dadar again.
It turned out to be the ugliest looking edible Kuih Dadar anyone has ever seen!

Cooking and me just don't mix. Before I kidnapped Kiwi G, I have never baked anything nor cooked any other dishes except fry eggs, cook rice and instant noodles! I know I sound spoilt but this is the priviledge of people in Malaysia and Singapore ... who needs to cook when you can get super yummy food at incredibly low prices anywhere, anytime of the day? and the most important thing is, you don't have to wash the dishes, haha.

Other factors as to why I lack interest in cooking is because:

  • I only eat white meat. The sight & smell of raw red meat makes me want to throw up. It's been like that since I was a child. I don't even eat cooked red meat, not even char siew bao. Yeah I know, I am weird

  • I only eat certain types of vegetables. I dislike celeries, capsicum, asparagus and
    many more. Yeah I know, I am getting weirder

  • I find it gross to cut a fresh whole chicken and I never eat chicken skin, even if fried crispy - not because of its fat content but I find it gross to eat chicken skin. Yeah I know, I know, I am the weirdest!
Sigh, now I have no choice, I HAVE to cook *LOL* because it is much too expensive to eat out daily. I am sure my in laws would be horrified to see what I have been feeding their one and only son for the past few years *LOL* My poor Kiwi G, he gets his red meat intake during lunch or when we eat out and never once has he complained about my weird eating habits and lack of cooking skills. Thank you Kiwi G, I love you! *muah*

Having said all that, one would think that I am a super slim person ... I WISH! Unfortunately I am OVERweight - I bet I even have high cholesterol now. But there is always room for a McD's soft serve cone or KFC popcorn chicken, hehe.


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