February 17, 2005


Looks like I finally dragged my big fat bum around to make a blog entry. Much to the annoyance of many people, I shall write a little about Valentine's Day. As Kiwi G is less mobile lately due to a hamstring injury suffered at the last cricket game, we stayed home on Feb 14th, our fourth Valentine's Day together. Kiwi G wanted to make me dinner to make up for the special things he would have done and got me on V-day had he not been injured, so I let him and I went about doing my stuff in the study. When dinner was ready, I walked out and awwww, sweet Kiwi G put a table on the balcony and had everything laid out. I was caught by surprise as I thought we would be eating in front of the TV as usual. I am very lazy to type on ... a picture paints a thousand words, so here they are:

A meal made with lots of love.
Mashed potato, mixed vegie, BBQ chicken from Red Lea and orange juice.

Sometime during last week, I managed to make pineapple tarts.
Not bad for a first timer, eh?

Now back to Valentine's Day topic, some of my married friends feel that their husbands are not romantic because they did not get anything on V-day, not even a card. Same goes for their birthdays. I can understand their frustrations. However, love has many languages. People show their love in different ways, it doesn't necessarily has be on a special occasion or through material things. I wish I can send everyone of them a copy of The Five Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman.

Meanwhile, since last week, Kiwi G and I have been such pigs. Every evening after dinner, we would walk over to Maccas to grab a burger, chicken nuggets and soft serve cones. I guess "Love is Pigging out together!" *Oink Oink*


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