February 04, 2005

Touching email

In my work, I get many emails each day, some are funny, some are hurtful (hate mails) while others are extremely touching like this one which I received yesterday (sorry, I had to replace details that would give away of what I do, with a bee, as I wish to keep my work personal):


Dear G,
Hi I just wanted you to know how much enjoyment I have gotten from your . I lost my husband of 37 years and didn't really feel like doing anything but came across your and loved it. I have started to do scrap booking for all 15 of my grand children. I am putting the grandkids pictures and there grandpa ect. but mostly like a remembance for there grandpa. and your is what made me want to do it. Now instead of not wanting to get out of bed I can't wait to get up and work on them. Thank you for offering some of your. Just wanted to tell you that you have no idea how much you helped me I know this sounds strange but your has helped me deal with losing my husband. I have something to do now instead of just feeling sorry for myself. thank you I hope you have a very Blessed Day Thanks again


I shed a tear each time I know that I had been given the opportunity, blessing and honour to bring happiness and love to someone through my work. It makes all the hours that I have put in seem so worthwhile. I hope this lady who wrote me, will enjoy the beauty of life once again and to feel much love all around her. "Life" ... don't we all take it for granted at times.


Sadish Bala for this amazing Template to work with


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