January 17, 2005

TV Series

On Saturday (15 Jan), Kiwi G and I completed watching Summer Scent episodes from evening till dawn and went to bed only at 6.00am! It's very nice to have a hubby who watches Asian dramas (with English subtitles) so diligently, hehe.

Also watched Legend of Earthsea, a mini series based on the book of the same title. It stars Kristin Kreuk - yeah Lana Lang of the Smallville series which we are ardent fans of. I even dreamt of Tom Welling once (yup, I told Kiwi G about it ... now what are your dirty little minds thinking of ... not that sort of dream, okay). Also stars Shawn Ashmore, the guy who played "Bobby/Iceman" in the movie, "X-men".

Thanks to Kiwi G, I am hooked on a few TV series, namely Alias, 24 (these two are my top fav) and Stargate Atlantis.

However, I am not into Star Trek, Enterprise, Stargate SG-1, Battlestar Gallactica all of which Kiwi G is a die hard fan.

Now these are only TV series ... if I start talking about movies ... the list is as long as a dozen toilet rolls.

NOTE for myself: The TV switched on by itself while we were watching something on the laptop. We were spooked for sure. I instantly accused Kiwi G of sitting on the remote but the remote was on the side table. It turned out that I must have accidentally pressed the "Timer" button on the remote earlier in the morning, phew!


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