January 11, 2005

Roti Paratha

I have almost gone cuckoo, desired, yearned and waited, four looong years for Malaysian made frozen Roti Paratha (AU$2.40-3.40 per packet of 5pcs) to finally come to Sydney! Imagine my tears of joy! Perhaps it was already available sooner and I didn't look hard enough. Nevertheless, it's the perfect answer to Mamak's roti canai! No more paying AU$7 for one or two pieces of roti canai at the local Malaysian restaurants here. I wonder when will they come up with instant nasi lemak ... mmm yummm


Meanwhile Kiwi G finds packaged drinks convenient and tasty ... definitely a break from his usual Diet Vanilla Coke. Also a good fix for this week's expected blazing summer heat!


This Friday's temp is expected to hit 40C! Time for beach wear.


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