May 10, 2005

Dream Home

We sure are glad to have cleared the first and most tedious hurdle of the home & land purchase (selecting the best house plan and altering it with the designer proved to be the most taxing process). Got our finances approved and paid a deposit to proceed with the plan drawings which takes about 8 weeks, followed by 4-6 weeks for Council approval before actual building works may begin. Unfortunately, the time frames are beyond our control.

The next step would be to select the type of bricks, colours, roofs, tiles, benchtops, kitchen cabinets, etc, etc which will be so fun.

Here's our small piece of Sydney - 450sqm
As you can see, there is already an almost completed double storey house built behind our block of land
Most of the blocks have been sold but because of Council delay,
we won't see many building works happening until later this year

This is the type of house we will be building (4 bedrooms + study, ensuite, family & rumpus, lounge, bathroom, laundry room, blah blah) Ours will be a more narrow version of the house in the photo below as our land frontage will not fit this original version

Our Dream Home

Nevertheless, we are very excited and happy ... couldn't have asked for more. If everything goes on schedule, it will be completed by early next year.

Just a note, it was quite a surprise to hear from the building designer that his other clients were mostly investors (building for the purpose of reselling the homes for immediate profit) or those building their second or 3rd homes, wow! He said we were his favourite people especially when it comes to winning the AU$20k competition that happened to end the day after we paid the deposit, phew! (not like we have any chance of winning anyway ... we have never won even a 5 cents prize money in our lives!). Too bad he is not the one who decides the winner. My guess is that he thinks we deserve to win because we are genuine first home buyers who just want a roof over our heads, unlike the already mega rich investors building for the sake of making quick profits.


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