July 06, 2007

Innocent children

What kind of a human being could do this to a 3 year old girl - lip and ear bitten off! Full article here.

Children are so innocent. They didn't ask to be born only to get abused in whatever form. I wish I could hug this girl and all little children who were and are being abused in the world.

I saw on Oprah months ago, about how innocent children were mistreated (I really mean mistreated in the worst unimaginable way!), tied to chairs and beds, neglected in a room, etc etc ... I could not even type them here. I would never ever spank, cane, slap, tie, push, etc a child! A search on Google will bring up many articles on this.

After that show I understood even more why many Americans love to adopt little girls from China. I am sure many want to "save" those innocent children whom otherwise will suffer so much. I am also happy to see that in Australia itself, there are many people (especially Ang Mohs) who adopted from China, Korea, etc too.

There was an adoption documentary that I watched maybe 2 years ago, about a young Australian couple being put on countless interviews and put on a two year waitlist to adopt a child. In the end they were finally given a baby boy from Korea.

The struggle did not end there. Because the couple are Ang Mohs, one of their friends questioned their decision to adopt an Asian child and probably could not accept their choice. You know what? The young Ang Moh said sorry to his friend that if his friend could not accept their Asian child, his friend has to leave (bye bye to friendship loh). This couple is well mannered, educated and I could see how loving they are. Truly the baby boy is very blessed to have them as parents, who will not only give him shelter, food, eduction and love but protection too. The whole adoption process wasn't cheap for them, they spent about AU$17k.

Now and then I have thought about adoption too but there is no way we could afford one and to be on a wait list, it would be a lot of struggle for us. BUT if we were millionaires, I would seriously consider adopting a child from a less fortunate environment because I want so much to show the child what a beautiful life is, that there is hope, love, peace, joy and freedom. I must say, I am blessed that my hubby shares the same views as me. I am also pretty sure that if we weren't blessed with our little girl, we would be looking into adoption too.

Even now, if back home in Malaysia, if anyone I know, desperately could not raise their child or know of anyone in such a condition and wishing to give up their child, I would really consider it - bring the child here and raise as our own in Australia. But I read the law on adoption in Malaysia. It seems that I would not be allowed to bring the child home with me to Australia unless I stayed in Malaysia with the child for a minimum of 2 years?!

Well, if I were a millionaire, adoption would be my priority.


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