November 01, 2007

Shopping for Christmas

Just came home from Kmart near our estate. We wanted to buy a girl's activity set in a carry case (as shown on this week's catalogue) for a daughter of hub's colleague but unfortunately they were all sold out! Grrrr!

People are already shopping for Christmas gifts for their kids. At the toys section, I could hear people on their handsets asking what to get for so and so. Businesses really make big bucks this time of the year.

Not only that, people were also filling their shopping trolleys with Christmas tree, decor, etc as if they were free, wow!

We have not actually started our Christmas gift shopping yet - it is very time consuming thinking what to buy for individuals. And with the little impatient boss who insists on running around, it's really difficult to think straight nor be in the mood to buy gifts. *sigh* and I thought this year, it'd be easier.

I can't wait to get our first Christmas tree and start placing gifts beneath it!


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