November 10, 2007

Our garage floor

I always envy my neighbours’ garage floors which are free of oil stain and so clean! Eventhough our garage is about 1.5 years old, it looks like it has been there for a decade!

Firstly, we noticed a long crack line on the concrete floor a few months after we moved in. Secondly the concrete floor is dirty with traces of soil (due to our constant landscaping work) and maroon colored powder when the contractors were coloring the stencilled driveway. Thirdly, there a little bit of oil stain from the car.

If only we had known about treating our garage floor with epoxy coating before we even moved in, it would have helped a lot. Maybe we can still do it once we clear our garage of the remaining boxes of junk. Here is a photo of what our current garage floor looks like.


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