November 02, 2007

I am a Coupon person - Featherdale

Updated: I noticed many people came here looking for Featherdale Coupon Voucher. Please hop over to my other blog (click here)where I posted a link to the site which you may print out the Featherdale coupon or voucher that entitles you to one free ticket for each ticket purchased. I saved AU$40 using those coupons I printed off. You may also sometimes see the coupon at the back of your grocery shopping docket from Coles if you're lucky, hehehe.

I wonder how many people would bother to cut out discount coupons from the newspapers or print them off discount sites from the internet? I know I am one of those who'd not hesitate to use coupons.

I think some of them are really useful for eg those that saves you a LOT of money on entrance fees to zoos, aquariums and such. I saved AU$40 when we went to Featherdale Wildlife Park during my parents stay here.

It only takes a bit of surfing on the net to find discount coupons. I have already printed two coupons to put in hubby's wallet for a buy one Opporto burger and get another one free (limited locations only); and a free iced Coke with every hotdog purchased at any Donut King outlet. He eats these two all the time, so why not get some free goodies eh? He should thank me, hehehe.


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