November 01, 2007

Cheap Business Cards by VistaPrint

We received many business cards from friends and work all the time. Most are the standard boring ones with company logos but sometimes there are ones that really stand out such as a childcare business card that we received in the mailbox. It was refreshing to see a nicely printed business card with cute graphics. I managed to find out that the card was printed by VistaPrint.

Naturally I was curious to learn more about VistaPrint and browsed its website. I couldn’t believe the amount of free Business cards templates it has. You can add a logo or image to a design or completely design your own. If you do not have the luxury of time to design one yourself, you can simply pick from its ready to go designs – you won’t be disappointed.

VistaPrint also lets you print your own Christmas Cards, Calendars, Promotional Giveaways, Marketing Materials, Magnets, Notes Pads, Stationery, Invites and much more. This is a site worth bookmarking for your future printing needs.

Maybe it would be a great idea to use VistaPrint to print your own professional looking Christmas cards with photo this year to surprise your friends and family.

Credit: Business card image Copyright © Vistaprint


Sadish Bala for this amazing Template to work with


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