October 14, 2007

Shop, shop, shop

Buy, buy, buy, shop, shop, shop! That seems to be what we do every weekend! There is always something we NEED to get. I guess this is what it is like as we started living only with bare essentials without much furniture or anything else when we moved into our own home.

There are always things that we need. It's fun shopping but it hurts the pockets. Ah well, perhaps we can console ourselves that most things are a once off purchase and they (such as furniture) typically last for many years.

Anyway, today we shopped again. Big W is having its mid season clearance sale. Unfortunately stupid me forgot to switch off the slow cooker before we left home. So we had to make our shopping at Big W a quick one (thought we still ended up spending about 1.5 hours there itself!) to rush home. As such, we didn't manage buy several things on my shopping list.

We'll be going there again this Tuesday to continue our madness! I need to get some gift boxes for storage, from the discount shops.

Ooops, almost forgot that we also bought a foam single mattress for spare (guests) yesterday. Next on my list would be a bookshelf. The floor lamps are still pending coz we can't seem to find nice ones, those around AU$100+/- are either in silver, black or white color which I don't like.

The shopping list is NEVERENDING!


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