October 03, 2007

New blogskin

Finally got around to changing the skin. Much more needs to be done eg link list, categories, fonts, colours, etc, hope I can do it. I had planned to complete as much as I could tonight but I feel so terribly lazy - will do a little at a time whenever I feel like it. I tried about 3 other skins before settling on this one. Well, whatever works I guess.

I'll need to change the title too as G&G no longer ROCKS in Sydney. Gone were the ROCKING pre-bubba days, haha! We're now old Mama and old Papa.

The day temp went up to 35C where we are ... yucks!! Right now at 8.21pm it is down to 21C. Tomorrow's gonna be cooler (day temp at 25C), thank goodness. Bush fires are pretty bad already - houses burnt. I really hate the hot weather and strong winds which cause bushfires. Not to mention, arsonists who deliberately lit fires that started it all and destroyed people's livelihood.

I am currently hooked on the legal drama "DAMAGES"! Glen Close's performance is brilliant!! I gotta stop here, DH is waiting for me to watch NCIS, then I will proceed to watch Damages at 9.30pm.

Bubba has just gone to bed.


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