September 18, 2007

Who's paying - does it matter?

As a married couple, me and DH have never been particular about each other's finances such as who pays for what. To us, it doesn't matter. Everything is shared and is "OURS" rather than his or hers. I know to many of my friends back home, they think this is not a good idea especially when it comes to finances. Some insist that the wife should maintain a secret bank account that the husband should not know about. I personally do not agree to a secret account unless of course if the spouse has a problem (abusive, control freak, gambler, etc, etc). However, I feel it is okay and maybe more convenient to have separate accounts.

Anyway, I digressed. So my parents are coming for a visit mid next month. DH's told his mom about it when she said she wanted to come over next month too. Well, well, when she heard that my parents are flying over, guess what's her first question to DH? "Did you pay for their flights?" .... hello?? Even if he did, was it so wrong to do so??? DH has been well trained by me, so of course he knew what to answer in order not to fuel anger, lecture and more ridiculous interrogation by her, haha!

I was truly disappointed that she asked that question. It seems that she still has this backward thinking that just because I don't work outside the home, I have no income and that I rely 100% on DH for $$. Excuse me! I don't rely on DH for any $$ from day one till now.

Perhaps she thinks I am from a background like hers *vomits*. The bottom line is, I don't see anything wrong with DH paying for my parents flights - it's his way of honouring my parents. Likewise, if DH wants to pay for my ILs flights, it's perfectly fine with me, it's good that he honours his parents that way. In fact when the ILs were here, I always insisted that DH pays for their meals, shopping, etc.

Like I said, I could have easily paid for my parents' flights myself but I know DH won't be happy to let me do it.


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