August 17, 2007

Toys R Us Castle Hill

For maps and directions to Toys R Us Castle Hill, please click here

Received a brochure in the mailbox yesterday - Wow Toys R Us has finally opened an outlet in the Hills area! And I was wondering how come there was none in the Hills area. Because we get everything within the Hills district itself, we are often lazy to venture further and unfortunately all the other Toys R Us outlets are located at least 30 mins drive from our place.

Well another place to shop at I guess *LOL* It's at the Castle Hill Homemaker Centre (just opened their South Building, wow expansion!), even better because we frequent that place often. Good place they picked as it is always filled with people shopping for household furniture, decor, etc. Most major retailers like Harvey Norman, Good Guys, etc are already there.

Daddy said to me yesterday "Let's Go" as Thursday is "late night" shopping (malls close by 9pm) and I said "for real?". He said "yeah". So I said "sure, let's go". Then I remembered I had to rush to complete something for my brother. I said "cannot, cannot, I have something to complete asap". Hehehe, oh well, guess we'll save it for the weekend then :) Daddy likes to look at StarWars, etc toys, that's why he never tires walking into Toys R Us!!

I'm only interested in the sales items such as nappies, going for AU$29.99 instead of the usual AU$36.98 elsewhere. Toys R Us often have big sales too of which I can now take advantage of, yay!


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