August 14, 2007

Shopping Cart Software by Ashop Commerce

I remember going through a whole list of shopping cart software available in Australia several years ago. It was totally mind boggling trying to find that perfect ecommerce software that would meet my requirements.

The software offered by the leading provider of hosted shopping cart software, Ashop Commerce, looks easy to set up. It is web based, no installation required meaning even the least net savvy person would be able to get his/her online store running in seconds and start accepting credit card payments immediately.

With a starting price of $69.95/month, it is an affordable ecommerce software. It allows for complete customisable design and has thousands of easy to use features such as inventory control, featured products and 50 editable themes just to name a few.

I like its online demo feature where you can actually have a better understanding by taking a test drive of how the Ashop Commerce shopping cart works.

Best of all, no credit card is required to sign up for a 10 day free trial of the shopping cart software. It looks impressive and seems to offer a complete solution for merchants to sell online.


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