August 19, 2007

Eventful weekend

It has been quite an eventful weekend. I think hubby is hooked on attending kids fair and such after our last weekend's visit to the new Toys R Us outlet at Castle Hill Homemaker Centre. That is good. It means we can now go to more kids fairs that is happening all the time.

Can't wait to bring her to Taronga Zoo and Sydney Aquarium come Spring time - I just know she'll love it so much after having seen most animals only on books and DVDs, it'll be great for her to see the REAL thing! Though she did see pigs, lamb, chicken and such at Parklea Markets the last two weekend where a special outdoor barn was set up but it was soooo windy, we had to leave after a short while as the hay kept getting into all our eyes.

Truly, the joys of parenthood is indescribable.


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