August 20, 2007

Designer Watches & Sunglasses at Discount

The first ever gift I bought for my hubby was a Seiko Kinetic watch back in 1998. I absolutely love Seiko Watches not only because of its proven quality brandname but style and durability as well. I remember someone said to me, every successful man or woman needs a good watch. How true!

Now when it comes to sunglasses, my hubby will not settle for second best. I can see his point of view. For someone who drives daily and with the glaring Australian sun, he does need good sunglasses that will not decide to fall off or hinder his sight at any time. He would like to get a good pair of sunglasses for me too.

We know that designer sunglasses can cost a lot but with a discount retailer like which carries brandname designer sunglasses such as Prada and Arnette as well as watches like Seiko, Nixon, Timex and Casio G-Shock, we will not have to pay full recommended retail price.

Investing in a good designer watch and sunglasses is well worth the price.


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