August 13, 2007

A baby Girl or Boy?

We always feel happy to hear of our friends welcoming the newest addition to their family. A good friend of hubby's just had a healthy little girl. They already have a boy a year older than my girl and they sure are thrilled to be blessed with a girl this time.

Because the trend here (whether Ang Moh or Aussie/Kiwi born Chinese) is to prefer not knowing the baby's gender until the day of birth, it was difficult for us to buy any gifts beforehand. At times we saw cute things and just wished we knew if they were expecting a boy or a girl!

I remember the time when I was carrying Bee, hubby's cousins, our friends and some strangers were quite surprised that we already knew we were expecting a girl as they all preferred not to find out before birth.

It's so different from back home where knowing the baby's gender soonest possible was the norm.

If we are blessed enough to have a second child, will we want a surprise or will we want to know beforehand? We have agreed that we would go ahead and find out if it's a girl or a boy (not that it matters one bit) but because we have no immediate family members here, we can't afford to go out shopping immediately after bubba is born (like how our friend did). We also don't want to buy neutral coloured stuff.

But if the situation is different, ie our family members are here for good, then we might consider not finding out the baby's gender. A surprise is always sweet.


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