August 15, 2007

31 Oct - Deadline for tax lodgement

It's that time of the year again - Tax Return! The deadline is 31 October 2007 I have not got my paperwork in order, slacker me!

Hubs wants to wait for me to lodge mine so he could input my meagre income figures into his lodgement since ATO wants to know how much the spouse earns. I told him last night that I have yet to get my act together, he said it's okay we still have time. Men, they are so much more composed huh?

Before we had Bee, we were very efficient in lodging our tax returns sometime in June/July each year. But now ... fuiyooooooo I am the slacker. Gotta get this off my back soonest possible. I hate figures! Anyway, I don't think I will get any money back this year.

Anybody out there in Australia due to lodge their tax return, don't forget the 31 October deadline! It's just two more months away :(


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