July 26, 2007

Want to have a baby? Think again!

I find this article very true indeed. Lots to factor in before planning to have a baby especially in such times where everything is costly especially education.

When I was a teenager, friends would always go "WOW" whenever I told them I came from a family of 7 siblings as most of them only have 2.

Now when I look back, coming from a big family is a huge blessing! No doubt we had to be contented being poor back then but many years later we are all better off and most of all, the support and being there for each other is priceless.

The only set back I now have is that I live so far away from all of them!!

Ooops I digressed. Ideally I would love to have a minimum of 3 kids but given the current circumstances, I seriously do not think we would be able to afford to raise 3 kids. Even to have a second baby needed much consideration.


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