July 27, 2007

Rant ... GRRRR

Sometimes I get easily upset when talking to some people back home. They just don't understand how different it is to bring up a baby with zero help from anyone except hubby.

Most people back home either have live in maids or their Aunt or own mom or in laws help them care for their baby/child - even 10 minutes a day would make a huge difference.

Me - I don't even get one second of help from others except from my hubby. I would be very happy if I could hire a live in maid just to play with Bee occasionally. Nevermind the housework, I could do them - I never hated housework but cooking yes, haha! All I need is to free my hands long enough to get things done.

So when I told them I've been very busy - they probably think I exaggerated. I am just so glad to have known blogs of other mommies abroad who are in similar situation like mine. They understand what it's like to juggle between a toddler, household and a job! Reading their blogs make me feel completely normal. Thank you!


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